When You Need Some Real Juice


One of my frequent tech frustrations is the temporary death of my phone battery just when I need it most. I don’t always need my phone, but there are 3 very specific situations that beg for a solution.

1. I’m trapped and bored out of my mind. I’m somewhere that I need to be, but I don’t need any of the information that’s being shared, I have no obligation to participate, and no one would notice if I checked out to see what’s trending on Facebook. This is the time that I notice my draining battery, the most. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens often enough to put a potential solution high on my priority list.

2. Air Travel. I never have enough power to take me from my morning unplug to wherever I’m headed. This is partially related to living in Oklahoma and not being able to fly anywhere direct, so my ends up being twice as long as any other average traveler. My itinerary is on my phone with Tripit Pro and I’m getting updates about flight changes, weather, and email.

3. I actually need to get something done on the go. I’m a power-user. I can pay bills, invoice clients, check on advertising revenues, transfer funds, send contracts and on and on with my phone. Invariably, there’s a situation once a week or so that requires a little extra juice to get my business done, on the go.

Enter the Mophie Juice Pack

The Mophie Juice Pack is my lifesaver. What’s a Mophie Juice Pack? It’s a thickish skin of power and armor that encloses your mobile phone. That might be quite a dramatic way of describing it, but it’s a portable battery that wraps around your existing phone, elegantly. Here’s how it works: you charge your phone and Mophie Juice Pack at the same time. Your Mophie saves about the same charge as your phone and you turn it on as your battery declines. What happens is that your Juice Pack charges your phone on-the-go and you’ve got another life to live.



I’m committed to the android platform but there are Mophie solutions for Android or Mac lovers.

Peter is a Founding Partner and Sr. Marketing Strategist with Cherry. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from the University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management. He’s a father of two amazing daughters, a science-nerd, INFJ, adventurer, and overthinker.