Friday, December 15, 2017

Compensation Program

Mostly Planned compensation program is in development. We will be “sandboxing” this model, gathering data through the end of September and then refining the compensation program for an October 2015 launch. No compensation will be paid for the month of September 2015 and the values are likely to change as we understand the costs and opportunities associated with the various posts.

User levels and compensation:

When a user first registers at Mostly Planned s/he is has the status of “Contributor”. At the contributor level, the writer can create posts and submit them for review by our editorial staff. They cannot post directly and no compensation will be earned for contributors until they can demonstrate acceptable writing standards and submit at least 3 accepted posts. Our editors reserve the right to reject any article that is overly promotional or does not fit the appropriate content categories that we have envisioned for the website.


Once a contributor has submitted at least 3 accepted posts, s/he will be upgraded to the status of Author and earn the standard level of compensation, as outlined below. Authors do not need to go through an editorial queue. They may publish directly as long as they maintain our existing standards. We reserve the right to demote any user to “contributor” status for any reason or ban users who violate our terms of service or content policies.


At our sole discretion, we will promote Authors to Publishers. Publishers are premiere writers who can participate in a higher compensation model (as of 9/7/2015 in development).

Multi-Site Writers

MeliPet has and is developing multiple content sites with different audiences and content concepts. As an approved MeliPet writer, you may write for any of our sites if you have content that would be better suited for a different kind of audience. Each site will have it’s own compensation models and requirements; however, you will be able to login and use our master-writer administration module to access all of the sites that you are approved to write for.

Postwriting an articlenone0.50Post
Wordsnumber of words in article5000.01word
visitsunique visits, no bots or usersnone0.01visit
AdvertisingAdSense revenue sharing on your articlesimpressions40%
Commentsaccepted comments on your posts2-20 comments0.10each
Share/LikeFacebook shares/likesTBD
CommentsFacebook commentsTBD
PayPalPayPal transaction fee paid by writer
PaymentsOnce per 30 days, requires $10 earnings