5 Reasons I like Being Divorced


I’m on good terms with my ex-husband. Not too many complaints. He’s a good father and a good friend. I can hang out with his girlfriends. We’re just on different paths.

There are always those obvious and typical reasons why divorce is seen as a negative thing, but let’s be honest about all the positives of divorce. I have a rather large list of benefits of divorced couples, but here are my top 5.

1. Multiple Mental Breaks: Everyone can appreciate this one; it’s easy for you to get in a funk of mother or father mode. Always having to make sure the kids brush their teeth, get dressed and having a healthy meal every night. To have a mental break from this every other weekend is such a blessing. Eat whatever you want, watch whatever you want and actually have some quiet time to read a book. These mental breaks refuel you and allow you to appreciate your kids even more.

2. Permanent Babysitter: This is a great one for those who do not live near family. There is always a person to take the kids for a few days and share doctor appointment responsibilities. This will avoid those babysitter expenses and stress of finding a responsible sitter.

3. Finally Your Own Bed: This could very well be the best benefit on the list. You are always the one that has the least amount of space to get your rest. You wake up with an arm in your face or your head on the nightstand. Well, that is gone, you finally can lay anywhere on the bed you want without the worries of bothering a partner.

4. Money, Money, Money!: Finally, no more asking for permission to spend money! You want it; you get it. You don’t need those sit down conversations about your spending habits or what’s on the credit card statement this month. No more feeling bad or guilty for buying things that you want or need.

5. Hobbies: There is nothing worse than trying to find mutual hobbies or understand someone’s infatuation of Star Wars. You have the freedom to do any hobbies you want. People change throughout relationships, and you have an opportunity to find someone who shares your current interests.

Being divorced couples can be very beneficial in today’s world. You will find yourself more energized, less stressed and enjoying your new path. Divorce is a blessing for many reasons, and it’s time to see its positives.

Call me “Sam”. I’m an assistant editor at Mostly Planned, a Mother, a Single Parent, and an Architect. That’s about as many roles as I have time for.